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Pablo Blanco Director

  • Added 8 years ago to music videos

    It all began by fleeing the noise.

    Then Fisterra's open sea brought her back the silence.

    In the old days, was believed to be the end of the world.

    It is perhaps because of this that the sea is like a sort of end point, an unmapped island where the vast horizon bring us the promise of peace. Yet is here where the ocean becomes stone, over which the future is projected.

    Or is it the past? The stone brings back images of Goya's The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, ignoring whether it is a dream or the sleep what destroys the myth of progress.

    Collective insomnia, irrational storm.

    Where does it go? On the way back, she wakes up.

    It has been a long time since she played on someone else's hands.