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Bulgur Mill


BEKİR BÜLBÜL filmmaker

  • Added 5 years ago to OS XIV 2016

    We get up in the wind of the life like a wheat kernel, we grow tall every single day.

    We make a bid for surviving in the many hurricanes, many floods.

    We understand these things we can find us in our tiredness, intimidation and boredom at our old ages.

    Death is our fear which we want to forget in our lives.

    We built huge cities, set up big civilisations and new cultures for this.

    We are lost from view the death and other things related to it.

    We take out our cemeteries away from the cities, leave our old men in the villages, run away from the crowd and want to escape the death.

    We haven’t stopped our cruel trip for thousands years.

    We rotate like a tiny wheat kernel in the bulgur mill.

    Old men are the most experienced passengers in this trip.

    They give up all wordly things and they wait the inevitable end patiently.

    These are their courages, loneliness and testimonies.