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city not city

United Kingdom

disputed point filmmakers

  • Added 7 years ago to OS XIV 2016

    This film is a result of anxious curiosity about what makes a city.

    From the vision of naïve outsiders wandering along the streets and canals of Manchester, gathering voices and images of ever self-reproducing cityscape, to the vision of involved commentators who record people's contrasted aspirations and emotions, comes a documentary that attempts to draw a topographic sketch for those who get lost in complexities of tomorrow. It is result of a journey of discovery, of desire to find comfort in soon to be knocked-down familiar places that keep on disappearing under the increasing pressure of commercialisation; to find comfort in familiar faces of people who live here or simply pass by on the way to the ultimate city they forever dream of; to find comfort in much talked about kindness of the Northerners otherwise so profoundly affected by the indifference of progress. 24 interviewees, 24 unrelated visions that together create a coherent portrait of the city once known as 'the outgrowth of accident', historically pushing people out of its centre, now luring them back with its undeniably unique atmosphere, attracting them to embrace the new reality and promising to become great - to finally become one with its people.