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The Box

rameshdevu Director

  • Added 5 years ago to OS XIV 2016

    Short Animation film “The Box” is about listening, listening to ones own listening.

    When this listening cannot be listened, then one is not present to life.

    Listening is a new faculty of awareness, one has to nurture carefully, so that one becomes fluent to look at the listening in every direction.

    It is very important to give that space to listen to the listening carefully, naturally, peacefully, and being present.

    By being present to the listening one can liberate oneself and beings around them.

    That's how powerful the listening is and how the listening can liberate one.

    And its not about listening to others, but to ones own listening. The protagonist in this film has opportunity to face the listening through “The Box” and has opportunity to liberate himself.

    He has a choice.

    The choice makes him to realize the importance of ones own BOX.