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La Güera, My Forgotten Land

  • Added 5 years ago to OS XIV 2016

    La Güera, il mio paese che scompare.

    This is the story of a forgotten land.

    The little city of La Güera.

    But the whole Western Sahara as well.

    A land which Saharawi people cannot return to. Mohamed lives in Nouadhibou, in Mauritania.

    But he can always see the ghost of his former town in front of his eyes.

    Aalien, the postman, fled to refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria.

    But he's still thinking about the houses and the streets where he used to deliver letters.

    Zeinabu, in Tenerife, looks at the Ocean from her terrace.

    She looks in the direction of her town that no longer exists. La Güera is the last village in the south of Western Sahara.

    It is in a particular situation: despite being part of the liberated territories of Sadr, de facto it continues to be under the control of Mauritania, which governs it.

    The Saharawi people can not return to live there. "La Güera, my forgotten land" is a 29 minutes documentary, which tells the story of this city and, through it, the story of a whole people.