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The fortune you seek is in another cookie

  • Added 5 years ago to OS XIV 2016

    The fortune you seek is in another cookie a dizzying journey around the world in search for happiness as a poetic and political practice.

    The filmmaker finds himself at the protests in and around Gezi Park, Istanbul, in front of the gates of the Cinecitta in Rome and the streets of Santiago de Chile.

    Whether in the Atacama desert or a trailer park in California, he attempts to find a description of the universal longing.

    The collision of image, text and sound finds its counterpart in the seemingly contrary locations and scenes.

    The Devil's Dance meets the indulgence of astronomical precision and death at the foot of an ocean.

    The film is stargazing and a quest for meaning.It is a montage of a multi-year excursion that describes the subjective view of the world according to the filmmaker.