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The Revolutionary

Denis Astolfi Director

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    Damiano a shy, irrational and self-conscious twenty one year old decides to start his own revolutionary movement; with a kilt and a tandem bicycle! Celeste works as an office clerk saving money for college.

    She is mature for her twenty years and dreams of a “perfect life” including Mr Right, who will be reliable and predictable, but somehow interesting too. Damiano falls in love with Celeste but the feelings are not mutual! One night Celeste enters Damiano’s world and gets caught up in a very unusual series of events. Throughout the night a range of characters cross their paths; a lesbian couple on the eve of their third wedding, two intrusive and eccentric neighbors and a silent but significant tramp. The Revolutionary follows forty eight hours in the lives of Damiano and Celeste, who at first appear to have little in common but a desire to fulfill their dreams and a need to assert their own humanity.