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In long days


    IN LONG DAYS is a short documentary about a family who decided to take the risk of living a different life.

    Rodrigo, Miriam and Pablo abandoned the city to pursue their autonomy and their freedom in the wilderness, allowing themselves to imagine a flexible and autonomous space, a space ready to adapt both to the ecosystem and their changing needs.

    Their story is a testimony about life and survival in an 'underdeveloped country', a brave stand against a a system grounded on the understanding of precariousness as the opportunity to transform the imposed conditions of the 'underdevelopment' discourse into something pleasantly unexpected.

    The film opens a modest window to the daily rhythms and gestures that comprise this family's 'simple way of life'.

    Instead of affirming an omniscient narrative, it focuses on the fragments and details of their reality, it attempts to represent the time's density that nests their routines in order to regain a sensibility of time that has become rare.

    The montage avoids a bias mystification or a judgmental comparison, in favor of subtle meanings that come to place unhurriedly.