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J. Michael Seyfert

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    A puckish encounter with the asymmetric resistance flourishing in Rio de Janeiros underbelly.

    This year's best short film! Thumbs up for the way Seyfert satirized macho radicalism at the same time as pointing out complex social issues." Bristol Radical Film Festival 2013.

    Taken aback by Brazil's theater of rough justice, director J.

    Michael Seyfert delivers a high-minded yet unsettling documedy starring an antagonistic worm, a deliciously visceral character: a quixotic drug dealer, who aside from some cliché-guevarian meandering, comes across as a surprisingly rational, passionate postmodern runaway slave introducing us to his life as a decomposer, the last link in the brazilian food chain, while dodging the bullets and righteous violence of Rio's militarized police force.

    CinePobre.Com 2012


    Como "Tropa de Elite" foi uma celebração da violência policial semelhante a um filme de recrutamento de criminosos fascistas, ""Isto Matará Aquilo" é sua antítese - um apelo de uma sociedade esmagada pedindo socorro!