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    The main fighting form in Senegal is wrestling and is called Laamb.

    It’s derived from ritual manhood trials, but in modern times it has developed into a national sport with packed stadiums, huge prizes and extreme idol worship.

    A sport whose promise of a golden future attracts thousands of hardworking young men, who literally have to fight their way to the top.

    Not just against each other, but also against an audience that hurtles curses and black magic down on the wrestlers as they march through the arena.

    With Jørgen Leth's distinctive voice as the narrator, 'Laamb' follows the 22-year-old cattle herder Ndoff's attempts to make a breakthrough as a professional wrestler in Senegal.

    It is the story of a sport that is filled with old myths and extreme tribal rituals, as well as a modern tale about fighting ones way out of poverty.

    While the wrestling of the past was very similar to the ancient Greek form of the sport, it is now supplemented with boxing.

    Only without gloves, helmets and mouth guards.

    The first man to hit the ground loses.

    Ndoff is selected by his wrestling school to take part in the annual talent event in Dakar, and faces what could be a possible breakthrough.