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Two Rivers


    Two Rivers is a story about the destructive relationship between Dirke (Mark Borchardt) and Emma (Melonie Gartner).

    Dirke is a troubled individual who can’t hold down a job.

    Haunted by his own demons and coupled with an explosive temper, Dirke is a force to be reckoned with. Dirke’s uncontrollable attitude also spills into his relationship with Emma, a long-suffering woman.

    Dirke’s abusive way leaves her cold and broken.

    Emma neither has anything left to give to their relationship nor any place nor means to escape her situation.

    She fears and resents Dirke.

    Her feelings don’t go unnoticed – Dirke can feel Emma is slipping away from him.

    The thought that he cannot control her feelings makes him out of control all the more. Two Rivers represents two bodies of water that can’t be merged.

    It’s Dirke and Emma’s Mesopotamia.

    A tale of tainted love that has gone past the point of no return.