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Aytuğ IŞIK Director


    Faruk is a young man on his twenties who doesn’t accept his behaviors and mistakes.

    One day he realizes that his best friend Onur’s attitudes have changed a lot and their friendship tends to die.

    He asks for help from a fulsome wise man who describes himself as the masterf of the time to be able to stop the time and enter Onur’s heart in order to find the changed feeling and the reason for the change.

    He takes a watch from the wise man and put it into the fridge and then freezes the time so the travel on Onur’s heart is started. He monitors his own daily behaviors as Onur is acting during the travel.

    He takes adventages of people’s secrets, erdicates the emotion of love from people’s bodies so creates self interest in love, refuses his density and creates self interest in density by throwing the apples back that felt to his head as warnings for the theft. Faruk will end his fight inside and the travel that he made during the movie as he has faced with and standed for the facts.