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Yilmaz Vurucu Director


    Gematria is a short film that uses allegory to question the validity of definite truths.

    The future is a bleak dystopia, ruled by multinational conglomerates and corporations.

    Having taken over governments, they have redefined the system.

    Using technology for themselves, they’ve left client-citizens to live in a mechanical world, under constant surveillance, manipulation and propaganda. Mani Haruplex (Anatol Rieger) is a paranoid client-citizen forced to live in this grey and monotonous world.

    Mani believes that since the roots of human civilization date back to Mesopotamia, its destruction will also signal the end.

    Using the ancient numerological calculation system of gematria and the epic of Gilgamesh as his source, Mani believes he’s unlocked the ultimate truth: The world ends on 04.04.2104. Everyone is trying to make sense of this hopeless world, finding various methods of coping with reality, whether they be seeking solace in ancient texts or conspiracy theories.

    Mani’s neighbor, Cecilia (Dany Sigel) unravels his universe and reveals the ultimate truth: reality can’t be found in ancient “gibberish”, it’s hidden out in the open.

    Cecilia and Mani confront their theories and test their validities: only to be shocked at the outcome.

    Could they be wrong? Does the "ultimate truth" really exist?