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Our Year - A Season with the Stirling Clansmen

Gridiron TV Director


    In 2013, the season of the Stirling Clansmen (university american football team) ended with a heart-breaking loss to the Birmingham Lions.

    'Our Year' follows the team from that moment, and throughout the 2013/14 season, as they attempt to overcome the loss (and the doubts of many around the UK) to aim for their goal of becoming national champions for the first time since 2003.

    How will the team handle being doubted by the country, and how will they face their rivals this time around? Can they complete the dream this time? The story is told by 7 key members of the squad; 4 graduating senior players & 3 coaches.

    Their story reveals the belief, passion & commitment that existed in the team, as well as the desire to end their careers at the top.