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eLiza Cornejo Director


    Lando, a lower middle-class college boy who works part-time in a BPO company, is getting geared up together with his crew for the open auditions of the most prestigious crew in the country, the 3S&S dance crew.Lando’s father committed suicide when he was still in high school and his father’s death was politically motivated.Lando has dance to heal himself but there’s one hitch – he suffers from a mental disorder called selective amnesia which causes him to pass out once in a while. On the other hand we have Elsa, college girl, who came from the US and was sent by her parents to the Philippines to live with her wicked Tita Carmen.

    Elsa has a congressman for an uncle and they live in the rich side of town.

    Elsa’s crew is also gearing up for the 3S&S auditions but there is another hitch – Elsa is no longer allowed to dance. The two meet in an open audition for the number one local hip hop crew that is competing for an international dance event.

    Worlds set apart, we see how the lives of the rich and the poor come together in dance.

    Lando and Elsa make it to the team but as their life and love unfold their dance crumbles.

    This is a hip hop dance musical showcasing the talent of Filipino dancers who are world dance champions and isinspired by the music of Francis Magalona who is known to be the father of hip hop in the Philippines.