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United States

    This short is one of the longest continuous shots in film history! First time filmmaker Caroline Jaden Stussi had the vision to shoot an independent film-novelty which consisted of one continuous shot.

    Next was the search of a theme that would best be told in such a format.

    The continuous inducement without any breaks that defines psychological manipulation seemed like a perfect fit.

    The visual translation of this theme was elaborated in collaboration with manipulation expert and bestseller author Dr.



    Intrigued by the experimental nature of this film, private sponsors helped in fundraising a minimal budget.

    Manipulation expert and bestseller author Dr.


    Simon identifies 19 manipulation techniques.

    These are: lying, lying by omission, denial, rationalization, minimization, diversion, evasion, covert intimidation, guilt trip, shaming, seduction, playing the victim role, playing the servant role, vilifying the victim, projecting the blame, feigning innocence, fe igning confusion, brandishing anger.

    Such are often used in persuasion, sales, advertising, media, fraud, police interrogation, mobbing, bullying, relational and sexual abuse.