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Fight Me


    In the last ten years, global media has been constantly reporting a possible war between Iran and the West, Israel in particular.

    This documentary begins with a question: why should we, Iranians, fight the Israelis? Director talk with Iranian ordinary citizens to find answers; yet more and more questions come into view.

    Questions like How do Iranians define homeland? Is there any proof of Iranian society moving towards decadence? How did the Iranians end up here? Is this predicament a result of the Iraq-Iran war, 36 years of oppressive rule on the people, or promotion of violent Islamic culture among the Iranians? All these questions led the director to yet another question: How will Iranians react to an Iran vs.

    West war? “Fight Me”, with its undercover filming in Iran, is a personal account from an Iranian filmmaker who had to leave his country for good while working on the documentary.

    Now he sees Iran on the verge of dissipation.