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Eloïse, little dreamer (Eloïse, petite rêveuse)


Myriam L. Obin Director


    Synopsis: It’s a day of celebration in the street of the city and everybody are wearing mask and making noise.

    However a little girl discoverd things are not what they appear to be.

    Her only solution is to find her big sister in this crowd of faceless strangers before she gets squash by the panic. Artistic reason I wanted to make a film feeling a little bit like a dream, showing a peaceful protest being repressed by the system in place, but from the point of view of a neutral spectator, Eloise.

    At first the crowd in the city brings this impression of creation and action, but this quickly becomes too overwhelming for the little girl.

    In this fiction the reasons for the protest are never explained.

    Just like Eloise the spectator is not aware of what is happening.

    The spectators are welcome to make their own assumption about the story behind this chaos.

    After all, every country has differing viewpoints depending on their history.

    At some point the tension just keeps on rising and the more Eloise fells powerless, the smaller she gets.

    The worst part is, she does not know if her sister is caught in the battle.

    Since Eloise can’t recognize people, anybody could be her sister.