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A Way Out 出路


Qiong Zheng filmmaker

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    For six years the film follows 3 young Chinese from different regions, social classes and mindsets into their adult lives. Yuan Hanhan, a girl from Beijing, dropped out of high school when she was 17.

    Doing nothing except watching movies and reading books, Yuan felt it boring to stay at home.

    Hence she started her own bar, which is located in Gulou Hutong.

    However, the business was bad and slow, so she had to close it three months later, as expected. Three years later, having traveled almost every countries in Europe, Yuan decided to apply to her dream school—kunstak ademie Düsseldorf, and luckily, she made it.

    At college, she barely went to the studio to draw.

    The monotonous life in Germany made her feel lonely, so she would often try to have fun walking her rabbits in the park or going to Weimar to hang out with her boyfriend. In the summer of 2015, Yuan became an intern of an art gallery in Shanghai in order to get some practical knowledge of the running of art business.

    She said that she actually had no definite plan for her future, only she wouldn't spend the rest of her life in Germany--a place for old people to enjoy their old ages, she thought.

    This year, in Beijing, Yuan has registered her art investment company. 19-year-old Xu Jia from Hubei Province, the middle of China, is going to prepare for the annual national college entrance exam for the third year in Xian Yang.

    Stressful as the work can be, his mother, a woman without education, still hopes that Xu could bet on this year and hopefully can end up getting into a good college.

    As far as they are concerned, getting into a good college means a bright future as well as the only way out. Luckily, Xu got into a second-tier college of China as he has wished.

    In his third year of college, Xu tries very hard to find a job as the other students do.

    He sents out many resumes but few interviews were informed.

    He finally accepts the offer of a company, but after signing the contract, Xu feels nothing but emptiness as though he has just sold himself. Having been working for two years, in October 2015, Xu decides to marry his girlfriend whom he has been with for four years in order to reduce the burden of his mother.

    Xu says, a man should get married before he starts his career.

    Furthermore, he hopes he can be ready to take more responsibilities of the family after he gets married. Ma Baijuan was a 12-year-old girl from Gansu Province, the western of China.

    She was a second grade student in Yequergou Primary School, where there was only two teachers and five students.

    Harsh as the condition is, Ma is so filled with happiness, for she loves school so much.

    The girl hopes one day when she grows up, she can go to Beijing for university, gets a job and make some money after graduation.

    She dreams of earning one thousand yuan each month so that she can buy flour and have a well dug for her home, as flour and water are still badly needed for her family.

    In 2012, Ma's father and brother managed to move from Gansu to Ningxia so that it is easier for Ma to go to school.

    However, Ma dropped out of school only one year later because she failed to catch up with her classmates. Now 15-year-old Ma goes to a completely new city by herself, trying to find a job.

    But she is turned down for every job she applies for due to minor age and inadequate education.

    Ma is lost pacing back and forth along the bank of Yellow River.