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The Island


Adam Weingrod filmmaker

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    An intimate glimpse into the rich human mosaic of terminally ill patients who end their lives inside the St.

    Louis French Hospital, situated in the tense seam zone between East and West Jerusalem. The delicate portraits of patients and staff are crafted to convey the life that pulsates within the hospital walls.

    Simon, a Tunisian Jew, decides that in the weeks remaining to him he will learn how to paint for the first time.

    David, an Italian monk who is one of the most beloved caretakers, confronts his own mortality.

    Yigal, a lifelong Jerusalemite, is sustained by his son's promise to take him to hear his favorite piece of music – Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

    Jawaher, an East Jerusalem Muslim, spends her time painting the horrors of the outside world that she sees on TV.

    These are but a few of the captivating individuals portrayed through the camera's moving encounters.