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That’s Life! From Luis Vicente's production of Waiting for Godot


Catarina Neves filmmaker

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    What can two men working in a bank do, the day before the bankruptcy of the financial system they work for? They know that they have a problem to solve but they desire the saviour to appear to forgive all sins. They scratch at their tablets computers , but all they find is a confirmation of emptiness in the repetitiveness of their waiting, day after day. The Irish playwright Samuel Beckett created these two men, in 1948, as two homeless characters, standing under a tree, waiting for Godot. The Portuguese actor and director Luís Vicente decided to dress them in fashionable suits, as they pursue the same quest for Nothing. The film That’s Life! From Luis Vicente's production of Waiting for Godot, follows the rehearsal process of a work that is considered one of the most important plays of the Theatre of the Absurd, from its beginning until its premiere.