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Guelai ጉዕላይ 1ይ ክፋል


Rahel Tewelde Filmmaker

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    GuElai (ጉዕላይ ) is an Eritrean young man, married and father of one.

    He keeps searching for an appropriate job with good salary.

    His wife MeHarite, a working woman, wants to have more children, siblings to their one son, Tesfu.

    But GuElai puts “the good job with good salary “principle as a precondition to the “more children” proposal by his wife.

    However, GuElai usually either gets fired or quits the job he starts.

    Will GuElai find his dream job? Will his wife get pregnant for a second child? Inspiringly entertaining movie; showing a way of handling the most universal domestic issue – job vs.

    more children.

    The movie starred the best Eritrean comedians, Hagos Weldegebriel (aka Suzinino) Mebrahtu Selemon, Saron Bereket and others.

    The movie is 1hr: 45 minutes long.

    Written and Directed by your truly, Rahel Tewelde.

    Your criticism, comments, reviews are always welcome and very supportive for our future productions.

    Again I dedicate this movie to my African young brothers and sisters.

    Cheers to all.