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Last Pickup

  • Added 3 years ago to Late Night Teasers

    Henchmen James, Mickey and Whitey just got arrested, again, but this time they are facing jail time. They decide to turn to their boss, Mr.

    Worthington, who is the type of man who can make things like this go away.

    While James, Mickey and Whitey have done good work in the past, Mr.

    Worthington has had it with the three and refuses to help them.

    This is until Mickey nervously asks, “What if we can get you Icarus?” Piquing the interest of Mr.

    Worthington, he agrees to help them if they can deliver him Icarus before their arraignments in the morning.

    We quickly learn that not only does Mickey have no clue how to get Icarus, he doesn’t even know what it is.

    The next 12 hours is spent trying to figure out what Icarus is, and how the trio can get it to Mr.

    Worthington before the morning’s deadline. Desperate measures lead to unintelligent decisions and an unprecedented chain of events turn this quick errand into the most outrageous night of their lives.