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The Curve

Umaima Ghosheh Director

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    One night, Radi, who leads a reclusive life in his own van- a VW microbus, hears a shrilling scream in the distance.

    Despite his fears of others, he challenges himself by switching on the lights of his home.

    With the seemingly trivial switching on of a light, he finds himself on a road trip that alters his clockwork and very private lifestyle. Starting with the sheltering of the screaming woman, Laila, a recently divorced Palestinian/Syrian traveling back to Damascus, the adventure continues and eventually introduces two others into Radi’s mobile home.

    Sami, after escaping Lebanon during the Lebanon war of 2006, the Lebanese artist is found struggling on the side of a road, after which his car broke down.

    The second character, a mysterious Jordanian policeman, who asks many questions all the way long.

    All characters encompass variance degrees of experience, pain, fear and a hopeful outlook on change.

    Within this journey, they come to realize they share much more than they would have ever thought likely.

    On the road, challenging and self-reflective events provoke the individuals in enlightening self-revolutionary ways where the thin line between reality and illusion fades away.