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Al Medina

Umaima Ghosheh Director

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    Yusif is back in Medina, the hometown of his deceased father, along with his Danish pregnant wife Sarah.

    Quite many years have passed since his last visit.

    His God-fearing heart is following a dream of returning to his roots in search for peace and happiness with his wife and unborn child.

    But rapidly Yusif’s dreams are shattered.

    Briefly after his arrival he is accused of killing a beggar boy in an attempt to protect his wife.

    Yusif’s adventure is swapped with a dark isolation cell in prison.

    Struggling to keep his faith in God, regardless of the cruelty he suffers from other prisoners, his cell door is eventually opened during a prison riot, and he is able to set himself free.

    But this is only the beginning of Yusif’s dark travel.

    As he tries to find a way out of Medina, disastrous temptations are challenging his tranquility and his belief in his Creator.

    As Yusif is tried in his beliefs a harrowing march of tears and blood is about to bring him to the edge of damnation.