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SOS..Save our shadows


tcherikov filmmaker

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    You are never ever truly alone, there is always your shadow.

    Imagine a world with no more suicides or accidental deaths, this is a world where “Shadow Our Saviour “ (or SOS) exists Through the brilliant invention of scientist Boris Domino, now your shadow can physically control and thus protect you. “Beyond prevention, SOS also means no more terrorists -- now hostage rescues happen without firing a shot.

    Once we gain control of a criminal’s shadow, we control the man!” explains Boris to his skeptical government.

    Using SOS, criminals can become puppets, forced to follow cops’ orders. This breakthrough invention has already saved dozens of lives in controlled experiments. While some government ministers argue that this device has a bright future, the nation’s President is not ready for this radical change.

    He declares that SOS falling into the wrong hands has the power to destroy human civilization. While the fate of Boris's life work cloudy, a psychopath seizes Domino’s family.

    Boris’s pleas to use SOS falls on deaf government ears.

    Police negotiations with the psychopath fail, the beast then spins totally out of control, and Domino family is slaughtered in the hostage rescue.

    Boris loses his purpose in life, now his only goal is to take revenge on the true murderer of his family: the President, but Domino’s not alone, the shadows SOS controls will help. While no one loves you more than your mother, but it’s only your shadow that is ALWAYS there for you.