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Sivanada- A home away from home


Pranav Pingle Filmmaker

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    The Sivananda Rehabilitation Home, Hyderabad, India.

    A cosy little compound.

    A little away from the city.

    A whole world away from normal life.

    A world of selflessness, love, warmth and courage, lit up by that beautiful ray of hope. For almost 6 decades, the Home has been sheltering and treating over 20,000 leprosy patients, with the kind of dedication and care that’s now so rare to find.

    From the doctors to the sweepers, every soul at the Home works with a beaming smile, and an everlasting twinkle in their eyes.

    Here, it isn’t just about medically treating a patient.

    It’s about healing them – their body, their mind and their self-confidence.

    All at a time when no one else can – when leprosy has been declared eradicated by the UN. A Home Away from Home is a look into the lives of these patients, the beautiful souls who heal them and that incredible home that shields them.

    Here’s how we’d like to give light to a different part of the world, show what love can really do.

    Here’s a magical story that needs to be told.

    Of a home.

    A haven.

    An inspiration. The film was directed by Pranav Pingle, who completed his Masters in Film & Television Production from the University of Bristol, England.

    Soon after, he moved back to his hometown of Hyderabad, India, to set up his own production house – Mirage Media, and take on matters of social interest.

    He has successfully Directed and Produced several of such films, including some on autistic children, disability and child trafficking in India.