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The True Story of Vincent Legrand

Kew Lin Director

  • Added 7 years ago to SNEAK PREVIEWS

    Documentary director Roger and his crew follow the famous and whimsical street magician Vincent Legrand (Etienne Pradier) as he plans to perform an epic final trick before retiring.

    However, things go out of hand and they realise that the whole plan could be an act to fool his audience, the crew, the world, and maybe even himself. This is the first time Etienne Pradier, a real-life magician, is starred in a narrative film.

    Etienne is a member of the Magic Circle with Gold Star and has numerous awards and accolades internationally.

    He has also performed for many celebrities and royalties.

    In 2011 in the Penn & Teller: Fool Us show, Etienne Pradier got to perform in Las Vegas with Penn & Teller after they failed to figure out how he achieved the Teleporting Card and Card Prediction tricks, earning him the honour to perform alongside Penn & Teller in Las Vegas.