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Nessa Director

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    Aisling O’Malley is an only child of Seanán and Laura.

    In every respect they are a normal suburban family.

    It is the day before Aisling’s 10th birthday and her parents are preparing a party for her.

    As a young girl of 9, soon to be 10, Aisling is obviously excited, but in tandem with this she starts to exhibit some strange behaviour that is totally out of character.

    This does not go unnoticed by Seanán and Laura.

    Initially they put it down to an overactive imagination; however Aisling’s behaviour gradually gets worse over the course of the day.

    By nightfall they are sufficiently concerned to contemplate cancelling the birthday party.

    In an attempt to decipher what it is that is happening to Aisling, Laura calls her sister Jessica and asks her to come over and bring her psychic friend Marta.

    Before they arrive Aisling disappears.

    By using her psychic abilities, Marta discovers the source of the disturbance that must be affecting their daughter and understands what needs to be done.

    However time is running out and they need to find Aisling before she is driven to do something terrible by the demons within her