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Jordy Tempelman writer, director

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    The brothers and small-time thieves, Gerstoph and Charlie, struggle with their existence in a grey and derelict industrial neighbourhood in Belgium.

    Surviving on small crimes and petty thievery, they pursue their united dream to flee the desperation and escape to Paris.

    Charlie, reckless and impulsive, introduces a daring plan to rob a night shop.

    But when this plan blows up in his face, the boys get captured by another criminal; the attractive elderly Julie.

    Julie quickly sees the potential of the two young criminals.

    A friendship arises in which Charlie and Gerstoph get a crush on the tough but tempting Julie, and get carried away in her world.

    When Julie tempts the boys to help her in a robbery, Gerstoph realizes that her intentions are merely a charade for a deeper scheme.

    What follows is a dangerous game of love, loyalty and deceit, which puts the friendship of the boys to the test.

    Will they ever reach Paris?