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Liu Kuan Ting Director

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    I came to Huayu because of the garrison mission.

    This triangle island is right in the middle of Taiwan and Mainland China.

    Everything is symbolic, the signal, the population, the flag and the invisible enemy… Watching the surface of the sea makes me lose the sense of time.

    Gradually, I became to be one of the islander and was into the discard... 澎湖有一句臺語俗諺:「貓嶼無貓,鳥嶼無鳥,花嶼無花」 抽了六次籤,我到了花嶼,一個在台灣和中國中間的三角形孤島。這裡的一切都是象徵性的,國旗、人口、通信訊號,甚至是我作為國家統治權的存在,都只是個書面紀錄。以看船為業,我漸漸發現這裡的人可以變成貓,而貓也會變成人,於是我將小島日記變成了一部影片,紀錄島的自由與困境。