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Life Is Good


Wei Jiao Film director

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    It's a rainy day, a young man in his 20s opens his black umbrella and then walks toward his old car.

    When he pushes the button on the key to open the car door, his car suddenly becomes a fancy car, but he looks older.

    He is too excited to realize that.

    He hits the button again, and the fancy car becomes a fancier SUV, but he figures out that he has become a man in 40s through the reflection on the side window.

    However, he looks mature and responsible in an expensive suit, wearing a Rolex, and he feels good.

    So, he decides to hit the button again after straggling, but nothing happens.

    He waits a second, still nothing happens.

    After checking the battery he hits the button twice at a time.

    Finally, the car changes, again, but in an unexpected way.