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    Prepare for a film like no other, nothing as scary, as provoking or powerful.

    Based on true stories from all over the Middle East; a horror film like no other with twists and to keep you on the edge of your seat.

    With real footage of actual paranormal sightings, interviews, newsreels and actual celebrities all merge into this suspenseful feature film.

    The film is about two young directors who come back from the US to shoot a documentary film about paranormal activity in Lebanon.

    After several small sightings the visions become stronger and the mystery turns into a hellish nightmare.

    Directed as a cross between documentary and fiction with inserts from news and interviews the film is a violent suspenseful thriller and the first of its kind.

    The movie is a revolution in Arabic cinema as it was shot both in Arabic and in English enabling it to be marketed to an International Audience/Market as well as the Middle East