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What The Water Gave Him

Asia Doubikin Director

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    The film starts with Andrew and Juliana, a longtime couple, in bed.

    Andrew seems estranged and distant, when Juliana asks if he is awake, a fact he hides from her.

    Juliana gets up and leaves the room.

    Later, Andrew is taking a bath while Juliana gets ready.

    Andrew sits in the tub, lost in himself, staring off.

    Andrew spends the day alone and the sound of raging waters becomes increasingly audible as he lounges around the house.

    The sound is cut short by the arrival of Juliana.

    The two get in a conversation, with Juliana prompting Andrew to seek help because of a situation Andrew had at work where he talked about hurting himself, prompting Juliana to tell Andrew to visit a doctor and seek help.

    Andrew is overcome with rage and pushes Juliana.

    Snapping out of the rage when he see’s what he did to Juliana, Andrew is convinced to seek help.

    Juliana then lies in bed and thinks of a time when things were better between the both of them.

    Andrew is diagnosed with a mental disorder and is prescribed an antipsychotic medication to deal with the disorder.

    Andrew is resistant to help and gets in an argument with Juliana when she comes home with the pills.

    Juliana leaves and Andrew is left alone to deal with his problem.

    Seeking some help, he heads to see his friend, Steven.

    Andrew and Steven catch up, and Steven’s girlfriend, Stephanie joins the conversation.

    Stephanie pries into a situation Andrew had at work where he talked about hurting himself that got him laid off.

    Andrew gets increasingly bothered by the mention of the situation and the couple’s questions about his sanity causing him to storm off, angry.

    Upon returning home Andrew experiences an extreme hallucination as he decides he doesn’t need the pills Juliana got for him.

    She appears in the room with him and he tries to attack her.

    His fists go right through her and he shatters a mirror.

    He explodes into a rage and destroys the mirror.

    Juliana comes home to grab some things and notices the broken mirror.

    She finds Andrew outside and confronts him.

    Andrew breaks down and dirges about his disorder.

    Juliana comforts him and the two reconcile.

    Later, Andrew and Juliana are at a pharmacy picking up more pills when Andrew begins to experience another hallucination signified by a loud, high-pitched ringing.

    The hallucination transports the audience to Andrew back in the bathtub, still battling his demons.