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Huramentado (Oath To Die)


Noriel M. Jarito Public Teacher

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    Northern Samar is one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines.

    Politicians here are elected into office by means of vote-buying.

    Most of them are based in Manila and they only come here during election time.

    They treat the province like it’s their hacienda.

    Some residents work as bodyguards and gunmen for politicians.

    For a small amount, they can be hired to gun down political rivals.

    Michael and Jess both hail from this province.

    Two different people whose lives are changed forever by seemingly identical events in their past.

    How should a man come to terms with the tragedies in his life? What does one do when faced with the adversary that hinders him from moving forward? Michael and Jess answer these questions and their stories are juxtaposed in this tale about vengeance and loss of innocence.