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An Unfinished Film, For My Daughter Somayeh

  • Added 8 years ago to SNEAK PREVIEWS

    An unfinished story about the Mohammadi family who are living in Canada.

    The father was an enthusiastic and faithful supporter of Mojahedin e Khalq (an Iranian opposition group) for more than 30 years and he encouraged his daughter to join this organization in Iraq, When she was 17 years old.

    now after 30 years he begins to lose trust in organization, meanwhile her daughter starts to promote and she becomes one of the key figures of the organization, he is concerned about his daughter’s future so he decides to go to Iraq and find her daughter.

    This is the story of a father who lost his daughter Somayeh and he believes that now she is some sort of hostage that she cannot understand, so he tries to rescue her from captivity in Iraq.

    'An Unfinished Film, for My Daughter Somayeh' is based on more than 500 hours Mohammadi's family videos (from 1992-2013) which were taken by the father.