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I only ask God

Inquérito Director

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    The short film directed by Levi Vatavuk is set during the period of slavery and presents the escape of a slave, the struggle of slaves for survival and violence and humiliations to which they were subjected.

    The film is set in 1850 in Minas Gerais, but it seems rescue these atrocities to remind damaging effects on the current Brazilian society. "No account with us to sign his newspaper / You discovered Brazil, right / Account another, Cabral / is a friendly country, carnival, all the same / deeper Racial prejudice the pre-salt / strip the poor of the center makes a postcard / is the trampando government, social Photoshop / Bandeirantes, Anhanguera, Raposo, Castle / are heroes or executioner? / Maybe what they did / Discard the names of these face the road is cruel / is the same as Highway Hitler in Israel, "the lyrics I Only I ask God. Renan Inquiry back to 1850, in Minas Gerais, seeking to rewrite what is related to our history: that Brazil 'grew' from the slave regime. To this end, he gave the possibility director Levi Vatavuk make the video for "I Only I ask God" a plot that discusses racism and slavery.

    Letters of Inquiry sound and timely the proposal: he regains what names like Bandeirantes, Castello Branco and Raposo Tavares have good to perpetuate highway names: 'Discard name like face in the road is cruel / It's like highway Hitler in Israel'. Despite the historical background, there is a correlation with what currently happens.

    Survey says: "We want to question what has changed from 1850 to 2015.

    When you see a black-skinned man being beaten by a captain of the woods, what does that make you think? The police, with their black boots, also kills the outskirts.

    And who dies is the black youth of Brazil.

    When we discuss reduce the legal age, schools close, are built prisons, are forcing us to a consensual slavery, stay in the slave quarters to live the crumbs of the white man and the clip is to show that we get the sale that blinds us.

    We will not accept and we will use art to denounce racism and violence.

    " The video was recorded on a farm in Minas Gerais, with Vinicius Vitti script. The range includes the latest record of Inquiry, Body and Soul, considered one of the best national 2014 discs.