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    Having woken up in a small bungalow on an ocean coast, our hero doesn't remember from where is he and how he appeared here.

    Day by day he is covered by the increasing hopelessness and melancholy.

    The people meeting to him on the way don't understand what he is telling and can't give answers to his questions.

    The psychologist, neighbors, the new friend can't help him as the answer lies not outside, and inside. At the moment of blank despair the hero rushes to the sea and, cast ashore, has a fatal dream.

    Finished excessively, he decides to walk without purpose.

    Infinite wandering brings him into the desert where on a hair from death, under the scorching sun, happens a wonderful meeting.

    The mysterious stranger perfectly understands his speech and promises to bring him to his "house”.

    But where actually will bring them these wanderings? Perhaps on a meeting with himself?