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El ñandú


Jorge Montanari scientific researcher and writer

  • Added 5 years ago to SNEAK PREVIEWS

    The memory of the existence of a rhea in an urban yard of Buenos Aires during the ‘80s triggers this documentary.

    The excuse of learning something more about that animal allows us to discover a tipical capital city's neighbourhood, its transformations, people and stories.

    But its inhabitants do not remember having seen the rhea, bringing the shadow of a doubt over us.

    Did it exist? How can someone remember something so strange like this if it was not real? With the aim of unscrambling the mistery, we try to put all the different pieces together, by interviewing experts on animal rights, animal behaviour, a psychiatrist, and others.

    As we get into the matter, we discover how the military dictatorship and later the neoliberalism affected the life of this neighbourhood along the past decades.