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India Calling

Vinay Pujara Director

  • Added 6 years ago to SNEAK PREVIEWS

    Abhishke Paranjpe living in New York with his wife Shruti to have a good life.

    In the middle of the night he gets a call from his mother from Pune.

    She sees a bad dream about his son so she calls him just to make sure if everything is ok with him.

    Abhishek gets scared to receive call at this from his mother at this hour, he calls her back to assures her but get emotional & feels guilty for leaving her by herself. He confronts his wife to move back to Pune but Shruti insists to stay back as they can give a better future to their to be children.

    They dream of giving them a good life but at the same time they are in a dilemma that their kids might follow to American culture where kids grow & leave their parents house to live life at their own terms. He realizes that he too did the same thing, he left his old mother to have a good life in USA.

    They decide to bring his mother in USA or move back to Pune. Trailer link