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Feio, Eu?


Barbara Vida Atriz produtora

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    Ugly, Me? is a film manifesto made from a workshop for actors called Characters in Search of a Movie, in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, extended to Paris and Kerala (India).

    Multifaceted like a kaleidoscope, the characters appear in multi-screens scenes and sequences. The images were captured with different kinds of cameras and Ugly, Me? uses this sign of the variety imposed by independent production as language experimentation. Fiction? Documentary? Transposing the boundaries of style, Ugly, Me? navigates in a sea of metaphors, philosophical and musical politics, from Prince Harry to Heraclitus, going through a series of authors like Rimbaud, Brecht, Nietzsche, Bispo do Rosário and Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, capturing a contradictory and original country.