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Chronicle of a Simple Life


Fabio Gianotti Director


    Gianfranco is a 36 year old guy.

    He lives in Bardenghi, a small mountain hamlet in Valle Stura di Demonte (in the province of Cuneo).

    The exodus from the mountains and the lack of a community to rely on, forced him to get a job in a factory, close to Cuneo, to make a living.

    He feels he cannot leave the small village where he was born and does not give in to a vision of mountain villages gradually disappearing into their natural sorroundings.

    He climbs up to Bardenghi every day with any possible weather, to look after his sheep, rabbits, geese, chickens – he grows potatoes, picks up chestnuts, keeps the woods in order and tries to keep this small hamlet alive, in the hope of seeing other families coming back to live in that very place, just like the time he was born, when 80 people used to live in Bardenghi. Cronaca di una vita semplice