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    After the president Hosni Mubarak resigned, Egypt witnessed the birth of a new dictatorship, giving rise to a period of strong frustration, confusion, social convulsion and economic crisis.

    The Arab Spring has failed and those initiating it are now left with no hopes.

    We are in Cairo between this revolution and a second one, which overthrew the Islamic government of Muhammad Morsi.

    “Traffic Jam BetweenRevolutions” will explore the feelings of the Country in this period of transition through the “moving” portrait of six people.

    Araby is a Muslim poet who lives in a reality that he perceives as “dystopian”, nevertheless he continues his fight for a change.

    Anna and Hussem are worried about the consequences of the Arab Spring, while experiencing an unexpected marital crisis.

    Umm Muhammad lost her son during a demonstration and is searching for a new life balance.

    Basma works as a psychiatrist at the Nadeem Centre in Cairo for the rehabilitation of victims of torture and violence and at the same time she is undergoing psychological observation.

    Hania, a journalist, tries to overcome a recent personal trauma.

    We will approach wounded, epileptic, conflictive, "congested" people, who, despite all adversities, have not lost their hopes and continue their struggles.