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Violeta Mi Vida


Or Sinai Director


    Debora (45) and Violeta (12) have one week left for Violeta`s Bat Mitzvah.

    (A jewish celebration for girls becoming a woman at 12 years old). The event should be the happiest day --a day that serve as an escape from the harsh reality of their lives, and therefore they put all of their efforts into its preparation. Violeta was born with a rare bone disease, a condition that effected her physical development, and left her permanently short. Violeta`s health situation drove Debora to leave her two eldest sons in Argentina and move with her daughter to Israel. Eight years after moving to Israel, they are living in a small modest apartment in Katamonim, a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

    Debora clean houses for living, working hard for few months to be able to pay for the big event.

    They make all the decorations themselves, also sewing a beautiful white dress for Violeta, so she could be like a little bride in this magic evening. This onetime event would fulfill another dream of Debora's, reuniting with her other two sons who are coming from Argentina just for the Bat mitzvah.

    But The situation shows friction within the family.

    Debora realizes she can't have it both ways - her desire to enable a better life for her daughter, made her be a mother who abandoned her two sons and missed any chance she had of having a relationship with them. Along this understanding and despite the many struggles they have to go through every day, Debora and Violeta, with their special dynamics of changing roles, manages to fill their world with humor and imagination.

    Marching together towards the Bat-Mitzvah.

    Debora Sometimes acts responsible, sometimes as a child, and as a result Violeta mirrors these roles of the mother which drags her slowly into adulthood. The story of mother's efforts to create a magical evening, out of a life filled with struggles.

    And a daughter's rapid maturation, despite her physical size, becoming impressive woman, a tiny mother herself.