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LIMEN (omission)


Emiliano Dante Director


    2005, year of the death of John Paul II.

    Luca Bianco (FABRIZIO CROCI) is a christian fundamentalist, obsessed by Islam and by an extremely racist view of Christianity.

    A woman (FRANCESCA ZAVAGLIA) comes daily to tape their conversations.

    After few months, Bianco meets other fundamentalists in Rome and is hired by one of them as a car driver.

    Very soon Bianco's job becomes something more cruel than just driving a car.

    We are at the gates of an international intrigue.

    Limen is an extremely complex movie, both conceptually and structurally.

    It's formal structure comes from the noir, but it is also a very heterodox political fantasy, based on the possibility of a Christian fundamentalism on the Al-Quaedist model- At the same time, Limen explore the possibility of a connection between the Judeo-Christian conception of God and the technical reproducibility