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The Black Era

Suman Nayak Director


    Just the other day, we were watching the news of the coalmine fire in Jharia, Jharkhand.

    A concept spawned in our minds.

    We took the coalmines fire, added global warming and aliens.

    We told a few people in our institute (Zee Institute of Creative Art, Ranchi) and within a few hours into the project we got the best 3d modelers, texturers, animators and VFX artists at our disposal and that is when the craziness began. We realized that the production of a short sci-fi movie of such an extent was never attempted in India so we got all pumped up and after a few days of more discussions, we came to the conclusion of adding a nearly impossible dimension to the project.


    using motion capture for the project.


    After carefully, plotting the storyline and designing the characters and making clay models our team worked tirelessly to complete the massive project. From designing the futuristic city to the alien character design, our props and character design team are at their creative best and our 3d team did an awesome job at bringing them perfectly in the virtual world and as days are going by this team is moving forward with great co-ordination and determination to give the viewers some audio-visual feast they would not have imagined.

    We have been going through highs and lows backing ourselves to get this job done. The crowning moment was the shoot we did at the actual burning coalfields of Lodna, Dhanbad.

    Where we shot with temperature hovering above 60 C.

    We had actual burning coals less than six inches below our feet and we could smell the sole of our shoes burning!!! The most inspiring part was the support we got from our faculties and the administration of ZICA. Hopefully we will have your love and support!!!