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Md. Asif Imrul Director


    "Night-mare" is technically my first short film.

    I am not a professional writer, editor or even actor, but very much passionate about this part of creativity.

    I was determined to at least make a short movie but there was a time where I was thinking about not trying to make movies anymore due to the dearth of exact knowledge and equipments.

    I had a hard time coming up with ideas.

    But at the end of winter vacation, sudden mental support from my parents Md.

    Nazrul Islam and Laila Arju Man Banu and dearest companion make me to try with which I have, a Pentium four PC and age-old-moviemaker to edit, chair and pillows as camera-stand and also a rope to pull the door-wood.

    In the short movie, I did everything for and in the video, I had no help at all except the female voice gifted by Maria Rafique. Majority of the film was shot overnight on the first day and the morning in the next.

    After shooting, I started to piece together a little story and then sorted out the two+ hours of footage I had shoot.

    Once I had the short roughly about 60% edited, movie-maker stalled and decided not to read the file anymore, so I had to re-edit it again. This might be just a little project, but I had going to start learning more about editing, so I had to spend more time in learning than of making it.

    Luckily from doing that, I've learned a lot about color correction and noise reduction.

    So had I rushed it, I wish the video would not be worst but quite good. Some Things I admit that aren't the best include, the fact that I used two cameras including a 20mpx and my own mobile-camera which resulted in different video qualities , the narrative isn't that great, the audio could have been better, and the shots are hard to see. The story itself is not true at all.

    It came just from the absence of my mind.

    So, any match to real life is co-incidental. If you have any questions anything about the movies, just ask and I'll explain.

    As I am novice in this arena there must exists problems of misunderstanding , so I'll only explain if you ask.