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Bartosz Warwas Director


    Early 1970s.

    The gray face of communist Poland is getting some color.

    More foreign cars appear on the roads, and there’s even color TV in some homes.

    In 1973 Stan Borys wins the Opole festival with the song “The Caged Swallow”. The event is watched and widely commented on, all across Poland.

    Including the Jaskółka (English: Swallow) family.

    But the evening will leave its mark on the life of the 9-year-old girl for another reason altogether… Easter, 2000.

    Agnieszka takes her daughter to visit the family home she ran away from fifteen years earlier.

    Will meeting her father bring reconciliation and helpher let go of her childhood trauma? The film is inspired by the story of a woman who after almost thirty years remembers the long-repressed tragic events of her childhood.

    It’s the second full-length thesis film in the history of Lodz Film School, after Jerzy Skolimowski’s 1964 film “Identification Marks: None”.