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Ano-Luz / Año-Luz


    2015 was declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Light (IYL2015).

    We follow GalileoMobile's expedition to northern Bolivia and Brazil where the project performed astronomy activities preceding the celebration of the International Year of Light. GalileoMobile is a purely non-profit initiative run by astronomers, educators, and science communicators.

    It is a traveling science education programme that brings astronomy closer to young people around the world, and mainly across regions that have little or no access to outreach actions.

    By organizing astronomy-related activities in schools and villages, the group aim at fostering a will of learning through the exciting wonders of our Universe. Along the way we met several people with different interpretations about the universe.

    The documentary aims to portray the encounter of these different views and to reflect on the significance of the knowledge on cosmological phenomenology.