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There is light inside


Dardan Selimaj Director


    Petrit Halilaj shares his own story.

    He comes from Runikë, a village in the region of Drenica (Kosovo), being one of the hundreds of thousands of refugees who were forcibly deported to camps in Albania and Macedonia.

    A child, he revealed his rare capacity to draw simultaneously with both hands, a gift noted by an Italian psychologist working for the Italian humanitarian mission in the camp of Kukës.

    The psychologist and his family decided to 'adopt' Petrit, taking him to Bozzolo (Italy) and support his education at the Art Academy in Milan.

    After graduation, Halilaj moved to Berlin, where he made a bold presentation in the world of arts, when exhibiting a courageous art installation in the Berlin Biennial in 2009.

    The focus of the documentary ‘There is a light inside’ was the building process of Petrit’s art installation at the Venice Art Biennial 2013 - Pavilion of the Republic of Kosovo.